A small introduction to those who sadly just haven’t met us yet… Pappas Greek food truck is family owned and operated since 2012. The Pappas’s have been in the restaurant and entertainment business since 1967 and now sharing the love on 4 wheels! Pappas Greek is one of southern Ontario’s Favourite Greek food trucks, bringing a wide range of homemade options which includes pitas, fries, salads, 3soups, desserts and more! The truck travels all over Ontario serving the public while bumping into many fun and exciting people on the way. You may see the food truck at festivals, concerts, special events, churches, charity events or even a private event. We love meeting new people and being involved within any community. When you walk to the window to order (what may soon become your favorite food) we want you to know who we are!!

Pappas Greek employees smiling for the camera under a catering tent


The parents: Joanne and Pavlos. Not much to say about them… Pavlos can be found sitting watching the game or blockbuster movie. Joanne is an avid gardener and the one behind the homemade food! The two are a behind the scenes duo in which they do the booking of events, dealing with inquires, prepping the food, and keeping the boys in line!

3 young boysThe Pappas boys: CostaJohn & Chris. We assure you the boys on the truck have grown up since the bowl cut and attend different programs at Laurier University. Costa being the oldest child enjoys going to any EDM concerts and just hanging off out back on a slow day. He can be found playing Xbox on any day off. The twins, John and Chris enjoy blasting the inside sound system to any top hit song, especially country! Football is a passion in which the Greek boys cheer for the Cowboys and the Patriots.

The Employees: We can’t handle it all at times! Alex and Joesph can be found rolling your pitas and dropping your fries….into the deep fryer that is. The two have been friends with the boys since soccer days and never expected to be helping out through the year. Even though Alex is almost on the truck as much as the boys, he is never mistaken for a Pappas with his red hair! He attends Humber college where he is an active member on council as well heavily involved in student life. Joesph spends a lot of his days studying at Guelph University where he is involved with sports and clubs. Joesph is responsible for majority of the parties being shut down. You may see some new faces on the truck this year, regardless… Say hello :)

Pappas Greek Food Truck serving ast the CNE food truck rally